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Jose Fernandez Dies In Horrific Boat Crash

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Jose Fernandez Picture Of Boat On rocks

It was a sad day for Miami in that a star Marlins pitcher crashed his 32 SeaVee into the North Jetty of Government near South Beach and lost his life along with 2 of his friends. This is the ultimate nightmare in boating and for any family.  Much too young and talented was Jose Fernandez.

The media has covered this story fully, so we ask that you go to your local news source to find out all the details.  Instead, we would like to give our boaters some precautions on how to avoid a horrific accident like this.

While many of our clients are United States Coast Guard captains, a lot can be learned from this accident on safe boating for both our captains and recreational boaters.

  • Boating At Night: When fishing or cruising at night on a boat it is extremely important that the captain of the boat is familiar with area as well as the conditions. With very limited visibility, even a good radar is not enough to avoid obstructions when traveling at any type of speeds.
  • Slow Down: The slower your vessels is traveling, the more time you have to react.
  • Turn off on interior lights for better visibility: Interior lighting can degrade your night vision as well as distract you.
  • Refrain from alcohol: This may seem like common sense but it bears repeating.
  • Put Everyone on Board to Work: Especially at night, engage everyone on board to help scan the water ahead for obstacles and other marine traffic. 4 pairs of eyes are always better than 1.
  • Is it Worth It? Is that midnight cruise really worth it? Maybe we can wait for daybreak before we head offshore.
  • Ensure that your vessel is Insured: Do you have the right vessel insurance coverage when you really need it? Let us tailor the right coverage for you and your vessel.

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