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Does A Fishing Guide Really Need Insurance?

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Fishing Guide Insurance

You’ll be surprised how many “professional” fishing guides operate without charter boat insurance.  So why bother having liability insurance if other guides don’t?

You’ve invested quite a bit to build up your Fishing Charter business. Not only your blood, sweat and tears but you’ve spent money to purchase your boat, tackle, safety equipment – the tools of the trade. Now, you need to protect your investment and…your clients.

With, your Fishing Charter Policy coverage includes:

  • Passenger Liability (“P&I”)
  • Replacement Vessel Liability
  • Physical Damage (Agreed Value)
  • Professional Angler Liability
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • Personal Property & Fishing Tackle Coverage
  • Towing/Emergency Services
  • Tournament Costs Coverage
  • Extensive Navigation Limits
  • Extensive Trailer Coverage
  • Dockside/Ramp Liability Coverage
  • Disappearing Deductible
  • Terrorism Coverage
  • 24×7 Claims Service and Support

Don’t leave the dock without us.


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