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We are your Navigator when it comes to insuring your Charter, Boat Rental and Marine Tours business. We’ll help you chart the best course to affordable yet complete coverage – and then let us take the helm!

We deliver the best of both worlds.

Marine Insurance Coverage at the best price and exceptional personal service the minute your policy is in place. We want to be your trusted partner and resource.

Let us do what we do best so that YOU can do what YOU do best.

Our Team is ready to draw upon our 20+ years of insuring Charter Operations, Marine Tours and Private Vessel Owners to give you local service and global reach!




Charter Fishing Insurance

“Ricki and his staff are the best in the business for charter fishing insurance. I don't take any chances as I fish with many people who have never been on a boat before. It is important that I am covered in every and any situation as my small business would be at risk otherwise. ”

“Every charter boat should have a policy like the one I received from Charter Boat Insurance. The price is great and actually very minimal considering the alternative if an issue was to arise and not have coverage. I run 5 boats in my fleet and each boat along with it's guest are covered daily.”

“I am really happy I found I was in desperate need to update my insurance coverage as a full time fishing guide in Miami. I really don’t have the time to shop around and worry if I have the coverage that is going to protect me for an unforeseen incident. I felt I was overpaying on my previous policy (different company) and not getting the coverage to protect myself. One talk with Ricki and I knew he was the guy. He made everything simple and said me hundreds of dollars. I highly recommend you give him a call for your charter business.”